Using Self-Storage to Transform a Room in Your Home

You may be a home owner and you will likely want to renovate or transform a room or two in your home someday down the line. Depending on how large your home is, and if you have any rooms that are not being used you might need more space to tackle this type of project. This is where your storage unit, if you have one will come into play and can help you start to finish and in the future.

First step you will most likely have plans drawn up by a contractor or a family member or friend who has renovation experience. Then you will make a list of what you need to buy, what you need to throw away and what you still want but that will not fit into your newly renovated space. When the day comes to buy the materials and supplies, it will probably make you realize that you do not have a good place to keep all your stuff while the renovation is going on. Rather than getting frustrated, utilize or rent a storage unit to make your project more organized and the whole process less stressful overall.
There are many benefits to using a self-storage unit during a renovation project in your home or business:

  • You will have a nice, clean, secure place to put all the materials and supplies as you buy them.
  • Days, weeks or even months before you plan to get started, you can move everything out of the room you are working on so you have space to work. Your furniture and other valuables will be in a safe place where you have no worries about ruining you furniture. Prevent the possibility of getting paint everywhere by keeping your belongings in a storage unit.
  • Having your valuables out of the way also means that all the dust and debris from the renovation will not get all over them. You will have enough cleaning up to do from the work, so not having to worry about cleaning your furniture and other items is a bonus!
  • Having a clear room will help keep your supplies organized ahead of time in you storage unit will give you plenty of room to move around without the worry of knocking something over or spilling something. One day you might want to paint, the next maybe lights and fixtures while the next day you might do flooring. More planning and less stressing means little to no fighting with your significate other. Using self storage unit to keep it all organized helps prevent or limits the stress and frustration that your home improvement project can cause.
  • You can rent a self-storage unit on a monthly basis, with no long-term contracts. This gives you the freedom to keep the storage unit only as long as you need it, or for months or years to come if you decide to move right on to the next room and the next until you transform your entire house!
  • Once the work is completed and your new room is ready to set up, you can simply visit your storage unit and bring everything back that you need.
  • And, if you have leftover items after you’re finished that just do not fit the new room’s motif, you can keep them in your storage unit until you decide to donate them, give them to a family member or friend, or throw them away.

As you can see, using a self-storage unit during renovations at your home comes with many benefits. I am sure that after the project wraps up you will feel that getting your self-storage unit was well worth it. If you have any questions about using self-storage to help transform a room in your home, you can contact us or ask our knowledgeable property manager. If you are ready to start your next renovation project, you can rent a storage unit online 24/7 and get started today!

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