Storing for Baby, Part 1: Before Baby Arrives

Whether planning or expecting your baby, there are a lot of things that you didn’t have before. Things like a crib, rocking chair and changing table. You will buy a lot of these and be gifted others. Regardless of where it all comes from, they are coming, and they will take up a lot of space. We have tips on how to organize all of you baby stuff and how a self storage unit can really benefit you during this time.

One of our fellow property managers has shared her experience organizing her things in the self storage unit with us. After going through this once you will be better prepared if or when you plan on having more children.

Once the baby shower is over the next step would be organizing. The baby’s stuff will be everywhere. Diapers stacked in the living room, baskets of baby clothes in the bedroom, the crib strollers and swing that might be already built of waiting to be built. It can all be overwhelming. Your bundle of joy might be on the way which means you might not have much time. Have no fear, we are here to help.

Baby Clothes.Expecting Mother Packing

First things first, baby clothes wash everything. When it comes to the baby clothes it is important to use hypoallergenic or baby detergent. Stay away from detergent or fabric softeners that are scented if you plan to use a storage unit to keep everything until the time when you need it. Scented laundry detergent can attract bugs and mice into your storage unit. Make sure everything is completely dry, moisture can also cause mold and mildew.

You can organize the clothes my gender, if necessary, and by size. Keeping newborn and 0-3 month clothing together sounds like a good idea because your baby will grow so fast around that time. Organizing by size will save time and stress when needing to up size late. Fold them neatly and place them in moving boxes or plastic bins with lids and label them. Be sure to be clear with your labeling so you can quickly grab the box of the next size up when you need to. Stack the boxes with the smaller sizes on top and the larger sizes at the bottom.

Helpful Tip: Never use free boxes from grocery stores or other retail stores for clothing. These boxes may have food residue or other irritants that could attract pests or compromise the clothing. They are also designed for short term use and will start to degrade rather quickly. We offer a variety of boxes for sale in our retail shops that are designed for the storage industry. They will not crush or sag over time and are specially treated to help prevent mold and mildew.

Active Gear.

You may receive active gear for child such as, rockers swings, and activity centers. When storing these wash all the removable cloth and dry them thoroughly. Spray and wipe down the rest of the parts with child-safe cleaner. The removable cloth parts can be placed in a plastic bin labeled in the corner of the storage unit beside the actual pieces.

You might also have a crib and a changing table that you need to assemble. You can place the crib against the side wall and the changing table next to it, but facing outward. That way you could store all the diapers and wipes given to us on the shelves. Keep the screws and bolts in a doubled bagged zip lock the bag labeled for the crib. If the crib mattress still has the store cover on it but you need that added protection we offer a twin mattress cover that you can purchase in our retail office. You can place the crib in the front of the storage unit so when you are ready it is easy assailable.

Toys, Books, Keepsakes and More.

What you might have left are toys, stuffed animals, books and other little keepsake items and baby care items. It is a lot of little things that could cause a mess.

You can purchase a few medium and large boxes in the retail shop and organized them like this.

  • In a medium box, put the bottles, bottle brushes, extra nipples and other “feeding items”.
  • In another medium box, put all the health stuff, like thermometers, nail clippers, hair brushes, soaps and lotions.
  • In a large box, place the stuffed animals. As added comfort and an extra layer of protection for these, you can place them inside a very large zip lock bag first.

Make a list of what is in each box and what is stored in them so you can easily get to them and know what you still need to purchase. You can place these boxes by the active gear and the changing table, in the middle of the storage unit.

Once everything is into place in the storage unit you will have clothes stacked to the left and furniture to the right, so as soon as you open the door everything is easily assailable. Any extra or non-necessary items in the back and out of the way since you may not want them.

Setting Up the Nursery.

Since everything is neatly packed away in the storage unit you will have plenty of room in your home to start preparing the nursery. Steam clean the carpet and paint the walls and put up any baby décor. Once that is all done you can assemble the crib, bring in the changing table and it will be easily taken out of the storage unit.

Then you can take all the clothes you need out of the storage unit and the baby items such as bibs and blankets and place them in the dresser. Move diapers, wipes, bath items into the changing table. It will definitely be easy to get to everything you need because you organized everything so neatly. Planning ahead of time will put one less stressful thing on to your plate as you wait to receive your bundle of joy into the world.

Having everything out of the house and put away neatly in our storage unit is a great help as you prepared the whole apartment for the baby. We conveniently have boxes, plastic covers, tape and stretch wrap available to purchase in the rental office in the storage facility.

If you’ve just realized that you have more baby items than you can handle, you can reserve or rent a storage unit online at any time and get started. You can also call any of our friendly property manager or stop by at our location.

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