Reasons to Avoid Living in a Storage Unit

Have you ever been down on your luck and thought, “Maybe living in my storage unit until I get back on my feet could work.” You need to think again. Living in a storage unit is unsafe, against the law, and uncomfortable. You are not permitted at any time to live or work out of a storage unit.

People have tried to live in storage units, even though it is against the law and our regulations. The decision to make your storage unit a livable space is more trouble than it is worth.

Storage units are not designed for habitation. Empty Storage UnitThere is no ventilation, no heating or air conditioning, no plumbing and typically no electricity. Additionally, storage units are limited in safety features like fire sprinklers and smoke detectors. Take a moment to think about a hot summer day. Inside the metal storage unit, it is going to be unbearably hot. It is similar to the heat you experience with your car on those hot summer days. The heat pours out; unattended children and pets overheat or sadly die from the excessive heat inside a car in just a couple hours – a storage unit is similar. The same is true for opposite weather conditions. In the dead of winter when it barely gets out of the teens during the day, the temperatures inside the storage unit will be unbearable.

Here is a true story about a woman who attempted to live in her storage unit:

A woman in Seattle started living in a storage unit after she was evicted from her home. She eventually got trapped in the unit when she was unable to unlock the door and was ultimately treated for hypothermia. Luckily she was not killed, but she could have been.

People that ignore the dangers presented by weather elements and attempt living in a storage unit still have regulations to face. The property manager will discover the living situation. The tenant could be given a verbal warning, kicked out immediately, and even have the rental agreement terminated. Furthermore, the police could be called and you could be arrested and prosecuted with fines to follow. State laws prohibit using a storage unit as a place of residence or a place to work. The rental agreement signed upon move in prohibits living or working in a storage unit. Doing so means you are breaking the law and legal agreement.

local shelter or missionInstead of breaking the law and putting yourself in danger, reach out to your local shelter, mission or even church. These organizations open their doors to people who are down on their luck and provide them a place to sleep and food to eat. Many of them can also help people find jobs and permanent living arrangements.

At Sierra’s Glen Self Storage, we suggest the Bethesda Mission who provides clothing, food and shelter in Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg, PA. You can also check with your local police department or community churches in the area, as they are both good resources in tough times.

Although you may feel desperate to put a roof over your head, doing so in your storage unit is the wrong choice. Take steps to better your life by working with organizations that will help you get back on your feet and provide you with a healthy environment. Living in a storage unit leads to injury, legal fines, and possibly death.

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