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Storage Tips for College Students

Every year, college students head in and out of dorm rooms. While most students can do this easily since their parents live close to the colleges or universities they attend, many attend out-of-state institutions that are hours away, which can make moving a little more of a problem. That’s why many students utilize self-storage to […]

What Can I Do With Leftover Moving Boxes?

Home, Sweet Home. You’ve finally unpacked that last moving box. Now there are oh so many boxes, everywhere! What can you do with them all? You could recycle them; pass them on to a friend or family member who is also moving soon. But there are also many fun and crafty things you can do […]

Learn How to Make Online Rentals, Reservations and Payments

We offer many services online through our website; such as reservations, rentals, payments and account management. We understand you have a busy life, and you may not be able to make it to the rental office to drop off your payment or rent a storage unit. Sometimes mailing your payment is even a difficulty, especially […]

Using Self Storage To Organize Business Inventory

Just about every business out there can benefit from self storage to help organize business inventory and excess items. It doesn’t make any difference if your business is large or small or privately owned or publicly traded. A great way to use self storage is to house old archived documents, office supplies like furniture and […]

Keeping A Positive Outlook When Moving

The choice to move is generally caused by a life changing event, such as marriage, job relocation, a family member’s death or divorce, and keeping a positive outlook when moving can be difficult to say the least. The additional logistics of moving causes even more stress and anxiety, which makes it hard to stay positive. […]

Do I Need To Check On My Belongings In Storage?

If you are a self storage customer, you may have asked yourself, “Should I check my belongings in my storage unit?” Or, “I wonder how often should I check on them?” Both are great questions that we can answer! Once your storage unit is full and packed safely and appropriately, you may find yourself exhausted […]

Attending Your First Storage Auction

Have you ever watched those storage auction shows called “Storage Wars” or “Storage Hunters?” Both shows explore the experience of storage auctions. Because of these shows, millions of Americans have been introduced to self storage auctions, albeit in a very Hollywood fashion. If you are considering jumping into the storage auction ring, turn off the […]

Tips for Pest Prevention

Sierra’s Glen Self Storage prides itself in maintaining a high standard of excellence at our storage property, which includes pest control and prevention. You can tell by visiting Sierra’s Glen that we keep everything clean, tidy and visually appealing at all times. After a tenant vacates a storage unit, the floor and walls are swept […]

Reasons to Avoid Living in a Storage Unit

Have you ever been down on your luck and thought, “Maybe living in my storage unit until I get back on my feet could work.” You need to think again. Living in a storage unit is unsafe, against the law, and uncomfortable. You are not permitted at any time to live or work out of […]

How to Pack A Self Storage Unit

Knowing how to pack a self storage unit can save you time and money. Utilize the potential of the full storage unit that you choose. Avoid overpaying for a unit that is more than you need. The first step involves discussing your storage needs with a property manager. He or she will help you choose […]