Storing Extra Stuff: Things You’re Not Sure What To Do With During A Move

Storing Extra Stuff: Things You’re Not Sure What To Do With During A Move

Moving can be an exciting time! A fresh start to something better, but with all the planning there’s also some stress. When it comes to deciding where to put all of the things that matter most to you during your move, a storage unit is a great idea for the smallest or largest moves. Using […]

How to Get Your Holiday Decorations Organized

To most people the holidays are an exciting time. Most importantly the decorations are what are exciting. People cover their houses with beautiful lights, tinsel and all the trimmings. Some people transform their entire home into a winter wonderland inside and out! Then the holidays are over in a blink of an eye and organizing […]

Using Storage So Your Child Can Move On Up To A Big Kid Room

So now your “baby” might not be that “baby” anymore. This means you will have to redecorate their room. Where to begin? Let us help you with some of these helpful steps and utilize your self-storage unit so your child can move on up to a “big kid” room: Step 1 Get a Storage Unit. […]

The Benefits of Donating Unwanted Items

All of a sudden you realize your storage unit is extremely cluttered. This can be overwhelming, it might be things from downsizing, loved one passing away, or a child leaving the nest you start to get rid of things over time. Either way you have things you no longer need. That’s when you can donate […]

Storing for Baby, Part 2: Once Baby Grows and Planning for Baby #2

Following up to Storage for Baby, Part 1: Before Baby Arrives, we also wanted to share with you how you can continue using your storage unit. You will actual need your storage unit and the benefits are countless. Once you get to take your sweet bundle of joy from the hospital, it won’t be long […]

Storing for Baby, Part 1: Before Baby Arrives

Whether planning or expecting your baby, there are a lot of things that you didn’t have before. Things like a crib, rocking chair and changing table. You will buy a lot of these and be gifted others. Regardless of where it all comes from, they are coming, and they will take up a lot of […]

How To Pack Items Properly For Storage

When you are moving you have to protect your valuables and prevent them from damaging when you start to move and lift the boxes around right? Well, this might sound shocking but a lot of people don’t know how to pack correctly. We have some tips to help you out and protect those delicate items […]

Moving Truck and Storage Unit Packing Tips

There is no doubt that moving is a huge pain in the caboose. We have some dos and don’ts that we hope will help you during this trying time and help you limit the amount of stress. Prepare your truck and storage unit now carefully and set a battle plan to conquer your move. It […]

Planning for Long-Term Storage

There are moments in our lives where we are out of town or even the country for a long period of time, such as being overseas in the military, going on a mission in a foreign country and even for a vacation that is longer than the typical week trip. Being away from home for […]

Football Season Is Drawing Near – Get Your Man Cave Ready

Football fans from all over will be watching from the comforts of their own “man cave”, or yours, before you know it. The hype of the last Super Bowl win by the New England Patriots with Tom Brady’s four-time Super Bowl MVP may be long gone. But now it’s time to start getting ready for […]

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